"In Lieu of Flowers"

Alternate Sayings as a Positive Statement

When Memorial Contributions Are Requested...

As part of making funeral arrangements, family members sometimes select a charity or other organization to receive financial contributions given in memory of the deceased. Occasionally this request is made "in lieu of flowers."

Funeral directors who recognize the important contribution flowers can make to the traditional service are concerned that the solicitation is worded tactfully.

They realize that florists hope the charity can be identified in a phrase that does not single out the floral industry in a negative manner.

Funeral directors may also be asked to comply with newspaper obituary guidelines which prohibit discriminatory phrases.

Choosing one of the suggested alternative phrases which simply eliminates the expression "in lieu of flowers", achieves three important goals. It honors the family request for a charity, meets the high standards for a charity, meets the high standards of good taste and decorum insisted upon by most funeral directors and does not dictate to friends the manner in which they express their sympathy.

These Phrases are Suggested:
  • The family suggests memorial contributions be sent to....
  • Should friends desire, contributions may be sent to....
  • Memorials may be made to the charity of your choice.
  • The .... Memorial has been established for those wishing to contribute.
  • As an expression of sympathy, memorial contributions may be sent to....
  • The family has designated the .... for memorial contributions.
  • Remembrances may be made in the form desired by friends.
  • Memorial contributions may be made to....
  • Flowers are welcome Contributions may be sent to....

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